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Nomadic Inflatable Travel Pillow

$59.95 $29.95

Nomadic Inflatable Travel Pillow

$59.95 $29.95

No More Awkward Sleeping Positions - No More Neck Pain or Backache - Fall Asleep Within Minutes & Enjoy Your Ride!

Most of the time, it's extremely uncomfortable to sleep well while traveling on the train or plane as the seats are never inclined enough for us to lie on our natural positions.

However, it's never a problem for people who use the Nomadic Inflatable Travel Pillow!

Nomadic Inflatable Travel Pillow supports your neck and back allowing you to sleep in a much natural leaning position.

An opening in the pillow is designed just like a massage table, allowing you to rest while keeping the light shut out.

This means a BETTER SLEEP POSITION for you and makes you WELL-RESTED during your journey.

Why You Should Own This Nomadic Inflatable Travel Pillow?

  • No More Sore Necks and Backs - This pillow supports your head and neck which helps prevent back pain due to prolonged awkward sleeping position

  • Multiple Comfortable Positions - You can use this travel pillow in many different positions including the side which help you lean comfortably against the window

  • Portable and Lightweight - The Nomadic Inflatable Travel Pillow is extremely light, you can roll it up and bring it along for any trips

  • Easy to Use - The Nomadic Inflatable Travel Pillow is extremely easy to inflate with just 5 blows and deflate just as easily

  • AirTech™ Leakage Protection - The air valves is precision designed to ensure the air is kept inside the travel pillow without any leakages

  • Extremely Fast Shipping - Ship out from our warehouse in Florida, United States

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - Love the travel pillow or get every penny back within 60 days!

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  • Made of High-Grade PVC Material

  • AirTech™ Leakage Technology that prevents air leak from the pillow

  • Small pouch included to keep your pillow and carry around

  • Available in 3 Different Colors - Black, Gray, Blue

  • Measures 6.5" by 3" when deflated and kept in the pouch provided

  • Suitable for users below 6'2" to maximize comfort

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